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Brigitte - Machete Studios - St. Petersburg, FL (by bwl photography)

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So I stumbled onto purl bee’s tutorial for a pompom cowl, and immediately set out to find some pompom trim to do this with because let’s face it, pompoms are the shit. After enquiring from shop to shop in the craft district (I don’t know if I can fully say that for Toronto, but it’s the closest thing I can think of) and dragging my bum back home, I managed to scrounge up 2 yards of this trim. 2 measly yards. 

If any toronto craft shop owners read this (…is there a way to express negative probabilities?) please please please, I’m asking you in my nicest voice possible, order some pompom trim! It’s not even like you’re taking on a massive amount of risk - I’m a guaranteed customer!


Recycled Roses Pillow Tutorial


From the Art Nouveau period, this artfully decorative bracelet features faceted topaz glass stones set within five gilded brass scalloped-edged panels. 

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Anna May Wong in 1932
Photographed by Carl Van Vechten

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i love it when models model, don’t you? so refreshing ;)


DIY your own beautiful button bowl with some buttons, glue and a balloon. Gorgeous.

design name: Knoop

design by : iñigo cañedo


Miranda Kerr VSFS 2008: The Modern

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tutorial: DIY lovely scarf tutorial via Sewing In No Mans Land


Those of you who’ve been reading Unconsumption for a while might recall our 2010 post about Milan’s Maison Moschino — the boutique hotel the Italian fashion house Moschino opened in 2010 in a retrofitted 1840 railway station — where some guest rooms are furnished with ball gowns as headboards

Turns out, the hotel offers additional Unconsumption-y design inspiration in the form of lamps made from dresses. (photo via DiarioDesign)

Related: For a review of the hotel, described “as a place for playful photo shoots,” among other things, check out this January 2011 writeup from The New York Times. 

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