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25 awkward cat sleeping positions. 

1. The Full Situp
To achieve the full situp, you must begin with the genuine intention of exercising your abs and promptly fall asleep midway through the task. This position is extremely advanced and not recommended for amateur sleepers.

2. The Awkward Spoon
The goal here is not so much intimacy as it is the socially uncomfortable sharing of a physical space with someone. Bonus points if your arm falls asleep but you’re too embarrassed to move it.

3. The Semicircle
Tuck your tail between your legs and imagine that you are an omelet.

4. The Sunbather
The trick is to look like someone who is acting comfortable whilst also appearing extremely uncomfortable. Let’s take this excellent opportunity to coin the term “meta-comfortable.”

5. The Double Bed
You will need a partner for this one. The goal is not so much comfort as an expression of sheer, unadulterated greed.

6. The Half-Box
Any old box will do, but two of your feet - preferably on opposite sides of your body - must remain outside the container at all times.

7. The Backstroker
Do not even attempt unless you have tiny, tiny, precious little legs.

8. The Sleeping Baby
Find a baby. Imitate the baby.

9. The Fur Pile
For this, you will need at least three friends who are not averse to your sleeping on them.

10. The Full-Box
Just get your whole damn body in there no matter what it takes. Be the box.

11. The Drunken Radiator
Just because you are obviously some kind of gin-addled hobo doesn’t mean you can’t be nice and warm.

12. The Sleeping Dog
Find a dog. Imitate the dog.

13. The Librarian
Bury your furry little head in your paws and try to look as contemplative and bookish as possible before drifting off.

14. The Ruler
Measure the floor with every inch of your tiny body.

15. The Windowsill
The whole world is your hammock.

16. The Clothes Dryer
Imagine that you are a wet T-shirt, fresh from the washing machine. Drape yourself accordingly.

17. The Pot Luck
Think of yourself as a last-minute fruit salad that everyone will be very polite about but probably not enjoy all that much.

18. The Head-Rush
Head to the ground, paws in the air - let gravity do the rest.


19. The Odd One Out
For this one you will need first to find two willing conformists.

20. The Mid-Sentence
Only recommended for individuals with extreme forms of narcolepsy.

21. The Bag Of Limbs (Box Edition)
Have a friend or loved one take you apart and put you back together haphazardly inside a box.

22. The Bag Of Limbs (Couch Edition)
Same as above, except (obviously) without the box.

23. The Dog Bed
Not a bed for dogs, but a bed that is made of dogs. I.e., the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on that also smells kind of funky.

24. The Office Worker
Fall asleep on the job. LOL.

25. The Married Couple
Don’t be afraid to snore.

the 26 happiest animals in the world. 

1. This Elephant

This Elephant

Secret To Happiness: Ability to blow water out of nose; having no particular place to be. 
Favorite Thing: Hurrying anyway.

2. Boo, The Pomeranian

Boo, The Pomeranian

Secret To Happiness: Seizing the day; seeing the silver lining; dressing up like a bear occasionally. 
Favorite Thing: Literally everything.

3. This Rabbit

This Rabbit

Secret To Happiness: Looking adversity in the face and squawking contentedly at it. 
Favorite Thing: Apartment-grade carpeting.

4. This Seal

This Seal

Secret To Happiness: An abiding awareness that life is a series of profound absurdities that are beyond his control and, more importantly, not his fault. 
Favorite Thing: Mostly just seal stuff.

5. This Cat

This Cat

Secret To Happiness: A high-minded and esoteric sense of humor. 
Favorite Thing: Cat food.

6. This Crocodile

This Crocodile

Secret To Happiness: Lives in a river. 
Favorite Thing: Probably biting things.

7. This Dog

This Dog

Secret To Happiness: An unshakeable belief that the simple things in life require all of our attention all of the time. 
Favorite Thing: Drooling.

8. This Stoat

This Stoat

Secret To Happiness: Advanced hopping/pouncing ability. 
Favorite Thing: Eating small rodents.

9. This Sloth

This Sloth

Secret To Happiness: Strong sense of self worth. 
Favorite Thing: Looking smug.

10. This Squirrel

This Squirrel

Secret To Happiness: Hard work; simple, old-fashioned, American values. 
Favorite Thing: Being a homeowner.

11. This Seal

This Seal

Secret To Happiness: Lives on the beach. 
Favorite Thing: Jokes.

12. This Anteater

This Anteater

Secret To Happiness: Welcomes each new opportunity with open arms and a glad heart. 
Favorite Thing: Ants, probably.

13. These Meerkats

These Meerkats

Secret To Happiness: Delight in companionship. 
Favorite Thing: Eating small rodents.

14. This Elephant Seal

This Elephant Seal

Secret To Happiness: Good humor, kindness, relentless optimism, and a long floppy nose-like facial appendage. 
Favorite Thing: Calamari.


15. This Owl

This Owl

Secret To Happiness: Ability to see the fun side of everything; ability to rotate neck 270 degrees in either direction. 
Favorite Thing: Eating small rodents.

16. This Dog

This Dog

Secret To Happiness: Persistent, unmitigated enthusiasm without context. 
Favorite Thing: Interrupting.


17. This Rabbit

This Rabbit

Secret To Happiness: Getting it. Just getting it. 
Favorite Thing: Seeing the bigger picture.

18. This Owl

This Owl

Secret To Happiness: Wisdom, grace, refinement, and a philosophical temperament.
Favorite Thing: Eating small rodents.

19. This Owl

This Owl

Secret To Happiness: An unabashed sense of wonder at the everyday marvels that the world has to offer. 
Favorite Thing: Being a little owl.

Via: ohmyowls

20. This Ferret

This Ferret

Secret To Happiness: A healthy distrust of conformity when it comes to the important things in life, like headwear. 
Favorite Thing: Dressing up like an idiot, apparently.

Via: killorn

21. This Puffer Fish

This Puffer Fish

Secret To Happiness: Taking life as it comes. 
Favorite Thing: Being the second-most poisonous vertebrate on the planet.


22. This Baby Elephant

This Baby Elephant

Secret To Happiness: Seeing each new challenge as an opportunity. 
Favorite Thing: Rolling in trash.

23. This Duckling

This Duckling

Secret To Happiness: Buoyancy, levity, and an enviable knack for discovering joy in the little things. 
Favorite Thing: Actually being one of the little things.

24. This Dog With Spaghetti On His Face

This Dog With Spaghetti On His Face

Secret To Happiness: A fierce, unshakeable hopefulness paired with a realistic understanding of his place in the world. 
Favorite Thing: Licking spaghetti off own face.


25. This Bulldog

This Bulldog

Secret To Happiness: Stopping to smell the roses; stopping to smell everything else. 
Favorite Thing: Smelling things.

26. This Lamb

This Lamb

Secret To Happiness: Constant prancing. 
Favorite Thing: Constant prancing.


thanksgiving + turkey = couch potato


thanksgiving + turkey = couch potato


Anthropomorphized Animal of the Day: Excited Cat really, really hopes this road trip ends at the vet because something is seriously wrong with his jaw.


well hello there, handsome.

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